5 Alternative Operating Systems that You Can Try Out on Your PC

If you would like to experiment a bit with other operating systems, we have a few alternatives you can try. Linux is not the only one out there. Please don’t just install these systems on your PC. Try them in programs like VirtualBox. Some of these operating systems are created by large companies and others are the products of hobbyists who enjoy playing around.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS was designed by Google and is built on a Linux kernel. However, it has a specialized desktop that runs only the Chrome browser and apps. This operating system was designed for Chromebooks which are like tablets but run on the Chrome software. Chrome OS is not really suited to use as a full operating system on your computer.


For some reason, people want to install Android on their PCs. Android is originally meant for smartphones and it also uses a Linux kernel. Some companies are developing hardware that allows Android to run on PCs. It is not ideal as a PC operating system and you won’t be able to run multiple apps at once.


Steam OS is another Linux distribution and was created by Valve. It is a gaming operating system built on top of the Linux desktop. SteamOS is not completed yet, but there will be computers available with this OS installed.


In 1998, BeOS was designed by Be Inc. It was a lightweight OS for PC, but it stood small against Microsoft Windows. Be Inc sued Microsoft and they settled out of court. Today, Palm Inc, who bought Be Inc., is creating a reimplementation of BeOS. This project is in alpha and we look forward to seeing what it brings.


This operating system is based on OS/2 which is an operating system that was created by Microsoft and IBM. Microsoft eventually pushed it aside and developed the successful MS-DOS. IBM continued working on it and it was installed in ATMs and older PCs. Today, Serenity Systems has the right to distribute OS/2 and they have developed their own OS called eComStation. eComStation is based on the original OS/2.

Developers keep creating new and improved operating systems in an attempt to beat out the competition. There is many lesser known OS out there. No-one has yet been able to push Microsoft out of the number one spot, but you never know what the future holds.

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