Top Cheat Sheets and Tutorials on Unix and Linux Commands

Unix and Linux commands can get rough. If you are a programmer, IT professional, or student, you may find these resources very helpful. These ‘cheat sheets’ offer you an easier way of using Unix and Linux commands. Some offer a lot of guidance and others not. We hope you can use some of these to work faster. To find more information about these tools, Google them and they will be right there.

Unix Toolbox – This tool is good for IT professionals and advanced users. It offers a practical guide with the commands, but in order to use it, you will have to know what you’re doing. This is not for beginner users. The document has a list of Unix/Linux/ BSD commands and tasks that can be helpful when programming.

Learn Unix in 10 Minutes – This is a ‘cheat sheet’ that a lecturer used to give his beginners. It helped them get to know and understand the commands for the Unix shell without constantly asking the lecturer. It is very helpful if you want a quick overview and get the basic commands.

Unix Tutorial for Beginners – This tutorial is, as it says, for beginner users of the Unix and Linux operating systems. These systems are known to be more difficult to use than Windows, but once you start using it, you will become more comfortable. This resource consists of a collection of 8 tutorials.

How to Look Like a Unix Guru – This tool is based on a lecture where the basic commands are discussed. What makes this a really great tool, is the fact that it also shows you how to combine commands in simple patterns to create sophisticated functionality. For this resource to be useful, you need to understand the basics of Unix, like what a shell is and its basic operations.

These resources have proved somewhat useful to our team and we hope they give you some added value too. For the Unix and Linux lovers, these resources may not teach you much, but you may find a hidden gem here and there.

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